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Forcefield Institut de Carton, Jetselaan 41, Brussels (Belgium) until 14 june

Lovejoy Unit 1  a drawing show on ‘space’
Spaceburo, Jan Palfijnstraat 47, Antwerp, Belgium
24 march – 27 april

Between the lines there is a lot of obscurity: Let’s stir up some dust!
with Paul van der Eerden, Mariette Linders, Paul de Reus, Marisa Rappard
Pictura, Voorstraat 190 – 192, Dordrecht
12 april – 18 may 2014
interview with the artists by Dees Linders 18th of may 15:00 hrs. 


I am not doing anything until I feel the need
scheurkalender curated by Joanneke Meester



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