I am not doing anything until I feel the need
calendar with 365 artworks by 365 artists, initiated and curated by Joanneke Meester
to be published in october
including exhibition of the original artworks at De Nederlanse Bank artspace 17th of october – 28th of november
opening 23rd of october

drawing project in collaboration with Margreet Bouwman
During The Big Draw in Antwerp, Belgium
sunday 26th of october, 10 – 14 hrs, public library Permeke
on behalf of Spaceburo, Antwerp

Meeting Point
group show with Kevin Bauer (sculptures) and Harry Markusse (paintings)
Galerie Helder, Tasmanstraat 188, The Hague
opening 22nd of november

Schitterend isolement
drawing show with Allie van Altena | Bernadette Beunk | Pieter Bijwaard | Mieke Fokkinga | Arjan Janssen | Ronald Noorman | Marisa Rappard | Koen Taselaar | Gerda Teljeur | Zoltin Peeter
Drawing Centre, Kuimgaarden 1, Diepenheim
opening 13th of december