Over the course of three spring months in 2018 Marisa Rappard and colleague Rozemarijn Westerink worked on a mural at the artist-in-residence studio of the K.F. Hein Fund in Utrecht. Exploring ways to move towards each other from their individual vantage points, drawing, erasing, redrawing, moving around lines of the other and covering them with their own, they created a dense stream of abstract lines in which structures and images appear. Like the working process itself the drawing suggests a rhythmic movement fading and swelling, resembling the rise and retreat of the tide.

A short documentary (12 mins) has been made about the working process: http://www.artforever.nl/videos/getij/ (if you click ‘subtitles’ they will appear)

The work has been erased, yet a publication remains with a photo of the complete mural in a design by Jan Pieter Karper and with a text by Diana Wind. You can order it by sending an e-mail to Marisa. All photos of the finished work on this page and in the publication are taken by Peter Cox.