om vormt om

‘vorm om; vormt om; vormde om; vormden om; omgevormd’ (loosely translating into reshape; reshapes; reshaped; reshaping)  is the title of a vast project Rappard has worked on for over a year in close collaboration with Marieke de Jong.

Together they developed a site specific installation: a drawing you can enter, a three dimensional work that pulls you in with a stream of lines and blots. Once having entered you find yourself in an area where you are forced to let go of certainties.
De Jong usually works three dimensionally as does Rappard on the flat surface. In this experimental project they investigated how their individual visual languages and working methods can be combined, resulting in new work: both a room-filling installation and smaller works in which De Jong reacted three dimensionally to two-dimensional works by Rappard.

All photos taken by Peter Cox. Project supported by Stichting Stokroos and Mondriaan Fund.