L’homme fluide

In 2022 the Dutch embassy in Paris commissioned Marisa Rappard to make a mural at the Drawing Now art fair. The build-up of the drawing, with rectangular elements overlapping, reminds of a computer desktop with several open pages, in which a variety of perspectives on one subject can be seen. The viewer skips from one perspective to the next.
The title of the work is ‘L’homme fluide’. Reflecting on harsh oppositions in society, at the left side of the drawing, you see people locked up in their own anger, people made of granite, people who do not want to move, flow or change. From there on, walking legs, flowing heads and liquid bodies take the viewer to the right, where it is fluid. There, figures with elastic limbs stretch their arms in order to hesitantly shake hands. Personae are chopped into pieces, transform themselves, reshape themselves.
‘L’homme fluide’, mixed media on paper (pencil, acrylic ink, felt pen, crayon, acrylic paint), 300 x 477,5 cm, 2022, overview photo by Bob Goedewaagen