Conversation Room

Over the years the ‘Ogenbliksem’ group produced works responding to extraordinary situations in situ, making murals, editions. 10 artist + each time an 11th surprise guest. Unexpected relations between works came into being.

In 2022 their series of 11 exhibitions concluded at Centraal Museum, Utrecht. Each artist made a site specific work for one of the alcoves in Centraal Museum’s outer wall.

For this occasion, I made a work with a relief. Derived from the 2021 drawing ‘Conversation Room'(a work sprouting from thoughts on what it is like to Zoom), two figures meet in an abstract room. They seem to appear from other realities, different as they are in texture. The figure on the left consists of a relief of epoxy clay. The play with spatiality and perspective suggests that the room consists of separate walls that can be reshaped and reassembled at any time.

‘Conversation Room’, acrylic and epoxy clay on hardboard, 106 x 190 cm, 2022
This work was made possible with the generous support of Stichting Stokroos. In situ photos by Adriaan van Dam.