brilliance cascading II

‘Brilliance Cascading’ is an installation made of drawings on transparent paper and wood, made especially for the Paper Biennal in Museum Rijswijk, 2020. This group exhibition on paper art was themed ‘Home’.

The work represents a comforting promise: for the artist, it depicts the hopeful thought that one day we will be fully absorbed in the love and security that we so often miss here on earth. The cascade of gold and yellow suggest a sense of belonging that will descend upon us like a glistening golden rain, surrounding us like a glowing blanket. At the same time, with the abstract shapes referring to pixelated bits and bytes, it raises the question if man in this day and age hopes to find this sense of love and security with a loving Being or rather in a digital heaven located in the Cloud.

In the catalogue accompanying the exhibition, Diana Wind writes:

‘Rappard first made the work for her solo exhibition Clouded Matter at Drawing Center Diepenheim. In the exhibition Rappard intuitively explored what it is like to be human in a world of rapidly changing technologies and digitization.
The work unites her exploration of the living and the artificial Consciousness: the magic of the secret present in all life and at the same time the unknown scope and far-reaching influence on our lives of technologies and digitalization. In this work, Rappard asks whether our current idea of “being human” will be put under pressure by the role artificial additions will play in our lives. Her work is not an indictment of developments in society, but a sincere and relevant investigation of the human condition in the twenty-first century.’