online coaching and drawing courses (EN)

Online drawing courses individually or groupwise

Marisa’s drawing courses, though based in Utrecht, can also be followed online. Her courses focus on broadening your ‘toolbox’ of drawing abilities through adventurously experimenting and at the same time becoming aware of what choices you make when drawing by reflecting. She will invite you to try out new ways of drawing. Troubleshooting is one of her strenghts; she enjoys helping you to overcome obstacles impending the creative process. Your drawing abilities and the content of what you make will become stronger and clearer.

For whom?

Preferably, if you want to participate you have some experience as a maker in any form of visual arts. You may be an artist, a semi-professional or just someone who’s passionate about drawing. More important than experience however is an open attitude and curiosity: Marisa enjoys teaching those anxious to reinvent what they are doing, refresh their abilities and look for new paths.

Practical information

Marisa’s first online course can be followed at any time. The course is called The Intention and questions why some drawings, though made with much effort and expertise, just don’t seem to ‘work’, whilst others for some reason do. Much depends on the intention with which the drawing was made: if you are not clear about the drawing, this will show. In this course we take a close look at possible intentions and practice ourselves in a mode of drawing that results in works that are strong and sincere.

The course consists of 8 lessons, all with an online video introduction and pfd documents with assignments you receive by e-mail. Every two weeks you e-mail the drawings you made since the last lesson and we discuss them by Skype, meaning we meet online every two weeks.

A new group course will start in february 2017.
The subject of this course is the use of imagery (such as newspaper photos) as an example for your drawing or as inspiration: what choices do you make in translating the photo to a drawing? Do you copy it exactly or merely use it as an inspiration to make something wholly different, and why?

It is also possible to follow a course online individually.
Please send an e-mail to if you wish to join or receive the newsletter.

Individual online coaching for artists and makers

For whom?

If you are an artist and want to talk about what your next step should be, if you are looking for a fresh and critical look on your work or if you need help selecting work for your portfolio or writing an artist statement, Marisa will gladly share her experience with you.

If you are not a professional artist, but have the same questions, Marisa will equally gladly use the knowledge she gathered through the years – on the joys and difficulties of making art, the highs and lows of  being an artist and showing your work to the outside world – to help you clarify and fortify your work and grow as a maker.

Practical information

The starting point for a coaching conversation will always be the work itself. In preparation of our meeting I will ask you to e-mail me your questions. If you live within travelling distance I will visit you at your studio. If you live further away, you can send me your website and/or send me photos of your work by e-mail, and we will discuss them online by Skype. Afterwards I will send you a brief summary of the conversation so you can read it in tranquility.

In any case please send an e-mail to so we can discuss what would be the best form to help you along with the questions you have.