art projects and collaborations

As an artist I find collaborating with fellow artists, workshop participants, exhibition visitors and passers-by equally fruitful.
I invite people to make with me, encouraging non-makers to venture drawing a line, inviting makers to try something unexpected and new.

Co-making to me is very valuable. I learn from it not only in a visual aspect but also in the the exchange of ideas. Through talking about what is made, new ideas develop fast and existing thoughts become more pronounced and precise by questioning them.

This is a selection of projects I have already done. I am always interested in new ones.

one-day workshop of making drawn costumes

exhibition visitors add lines to a drawing by following carefully set instructions

dancers respond to cut out figures I made with workshop participants

collaboration with fellow artists Mariette Linders, Geert Bartelink, Tabitha Brouwer and Chris Baaten

making an inventory of what matters to passers-by in Antwerp by asking them to draw it

detail of a spatial collage, collaboration with Tabitha Brouwer

one-day workshop: children add a drawn extension to their body